Our Philosophy

Since our inception more than 21 years ago, Merco International has been solely focused on providing customized freight forwarding and logistics solutions to make the worlds most far away places seem close.

Over the years, we have become known as one of the most trusted and reputable pyrotechnic logistics companies in the industry. With our hands on approach, diverse team of operational specialists, dedicated point of contact and creative solutions, we understand the complexity of shipping Class 1 Explosives internationally and we’re prepared to make sure your cargo arrives on time and undamaged. Optimizing your shipping needs.

Our Culture

At Merco International, we pride ourselves on helping our clients deliver industry-focused solutions that connect the world. We’re a diverse group of professionals with more than two decades worth of experience that operate under one single purpose – to help our customers meet their global supply chain needs on every major continent across the globe.

Our approach is supported by our firm’s open culture, which is designed to encourage creative problem solving in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients.


    Cross Border
    Streamlined inspection and clearance process through customs across the globe


    From logistics to special handling, to warehousing and expedited transportation, we move you quickly


    In accordance with the standards and requirements of the International Air Transport Association ICAO and CFR49.


    Oversized, overweight, one-of-a-kind creative shipment solutions to help you achieve success

Our Business

At Merco International, we bring you seamless and integrated logistics solutions to help you remain competitive, even as markets shift. We believe in accelerating global trade by delivering the products and goods that drive your business. Whether you need trucking, ocean or air shipping, or you’re looking to move a specialty cargo such as fireworks, Merco International has the knowledge, proven processes and global network to provide unmatched connectivity.